Fairwood Cafe Website Opens!  

March 5 , 2011

Fairwood cafe logoFairwood Partners opened a new website " Fairwood Cafe." The aim of this website is to spread the concept of "Fairwood" to consumers. To do so, we introduce products made from "Fairwood." In the list of products, we have furniture, such as table and chair and small household items, such as wood plates and cutleries. Visitors can order these products online!

We also sometimes organize an event-type "Fairwood Cafe" where we invite people who actually work with wood or forest to tell us their stories while drinking agroforestry grown coffee from a wooden cup. We also showcase various "Fairwood" goods for sale.

Events for Fairwood cafe will also be posted on this website.

Please come visit Fairwood Cafe! (Sorry only available in Japanese)

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